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QuickBooks Online and Paypal: How to get paid faster!

Use Paypal and QuickBooks Online to get paid on time every time!

Getting paid has never been easier than with QuickBooks Online, PayPal, and Bank integrations. 

Check here if your bank integrates with QuickBooks Online, and set up the connection. See your transactions automatically downloaded into QuickBooks. This means you will see payments coming in in real-time! 

Bonus Tip: Using Bank Rules will help you save valuable time! Categorise transactions and match payments automatically. 

Get paid with QBO!

  • If you are using QuickBooks Advanced, set up reminder workflows. Remind your staff when an invoice is still outstanding, or get a follow-up reminder after 30 days. 
  • Set up recurring invoices: You can set up regular invoices for clients that you invoice every 6 months etc. This way, you won’t have to remember or do this small, tedious task for every invoice!
    • Simply go to the gear icon and select recurring transactions
    • Under new, choose invoice from transaction type.
    • Select type: scheduled, and also automatically send emails
    • Complete the rest of the template, and save
  • Set up direct debit mandates: Select the customer you would like to set this up for, and invoice as normal. On the top, select Set up Direct Debit and follow the steps! 

Use QuickBooks Online with Paypal

First, connect to PayPal. 

  • You will need a PayPal business account to use the PayPal payment link. 
  • Select the client you want to invoice, open a new invoice, and select accept card payments with PayPal
  • Now select launch PayPal
  • You will be prompted to log into PayPal, and you will have to permit Intuit to connect to PayPal. 

Once this is set up, go back to your invoice in QBO and make sure all details are correct. Now you can create a unique PayPal link for your invoices. Adding this unique PayPal link to your QuickBooks Online invoice is the final step in this setup: 

  • Through the gear icon, select accounts and settings
  • Select Sales and then the pencil icon next to messages. 
  • In the Email message field, paste your new link and save. 

Once your customer makes a payment through the PayPal link, this payment is automatically created in QuickBooks Online and linked to the invoice! 

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