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Benefits of cloud Accounting

Accountancy Software Benefits of cloud Accounting

Here at Accountancy Software we want to discuss the benefits of cloud Accounting. There are a few topics we will cover below in this blog that outline the key benefits of moving to the cloud.

  • Mobile access at any time. …
  • A cost and time-effective solution. …
  • Watertight security and no time-consuming back-ups. …
  • Share and collaborate with ease. …
  • Reduces paperwork and is more sustainable. …
  • Better control of your financial processes

Let’s start off with ease of access. Because your accounts are now in the cloud access is easier than ever for you or your accountant.

Mobile access at any time

With cloud accounting, you can access your accounts and financial information at any time, from anywhere. Cloud based accounting allows you to use the software from any device allowing business owners to stay connected to their accounts and accountant. When your system is in the cloud, you can easily integrate additional software, its scalable, cost effective and very easy to use. Using a cloud-based invoicing app like QuickBooks Online, gives you easy access to your figures anytime, anywhere. It’s hosted remotely which means you don’t need to worry about any time-consuming downloads and updates. To keep up with business on the go, you can even access your invoices using the – the latest mobile app. This gives you added flexibility and peace of mind, meaning you don’t need to be sitting in your office to check your cash flow or access your accounts.

A cost and time-effective solution

By working online, it reduces IT costs and saves you time by keeping you constantly connected to the business no matter where work takes you. No installs needed and you never have to update as this all happens in the background without you ever knowing.

Watertight security and no time-consuming back-ups

When you are cloud based, your accounts are all saved and backed up with the same encryption levels as what banks use. This means your financial information is fully secured in the cloud. With a non cloud solution, if someone was to steal your computer, they have access to all your accounting and personal information. With the Online cloud accounting solution, no-one can access your data unless they have the necessary sign in credentials. The security is updated all the time meaning your data will never be compromised.

Share and collaborate with ease

Working with colleagues, accountants and end users has never been this easy. No more installs, networking and issues in the multiuser environment. Sharing data in the cloud is a very easy and straight forward process that is all done through a email invite.

Reduces paperwork and is more sustainable

Been in the cloud means a paperless office are not a dream anymore. Keeping paperwork in order is a task and it allows anyone to get their hands on your data.  With a cloud-based system, you can minimize the risks of user and data errors and see the results in a faster more efficient way, making it easier to stay on top of your finances. Keeping track of Expenses, receipts and invoices can all mount up and working through them can be very time consuming. With QuickBooks Online you can enter this information straight to your accounts package. It helps minimise the risk of manual error and the results are far more efficient.

Better control of your financial processes

QuickBooks online invoicing system helps streamline the whole accountancy process, helping you get a better understanding of our business and expected income and expenses. The Online dashboard makes reviewing your companies finances very straight forward, giving you the time to concentrate on running your business.

Customizable for Your Business

Its very hard to find an accounting system that will deliver everything your business needs. Cloud based accounting allows you to easily integrate add-ons to be part of your system. Does your company use a cloud-based accounting solution? If not, what are you waiting for?

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