Time left to migrate from QuickBooks Desktop


Time left to migrate from QuickBooks Desktop


QuickBooks Online Bank Import

  1. It’s important to know that uploading a csv file into the banking section of QuickBooks Online doesn’t post the entries into the system. It is a review section only. You can still decide not to post the entries or if you have accepted them you can go back and reverse them too.
  2. While the whole world seems mad to integrate live bank accounts with QuickBooks Online, we still prefer the bank upload version. It gives you a chance to review the entries before accepting them into QuickBooks.
  3. Have you ever thought that it would be handy to import your Visa card entries into QuickBooks Online? You can by using AutoEntry to turn the Visa statement into a csv file and then upload the entries like you would a bank statement
  4. One of the most important tools when using the bank import section is RULES. By creating a rule QuickBooks Online can identify the entry more easily and the recognized hit rate goes up. A simple example of a rule is that when the bank text contains “diesel” the entry goes to Motor Expenses – Fuel at SNR23%
  5. If this sounds like something you want to setup in your QuickBooks Online package. Give us a call and book some QuickBooks Training with one of our accountants to assist with the setup.

Derek Patterson

QuickBooks Trainer

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