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10 handy QuickBooks Online Pro homepage tips

Accountancy Software 10 handy QuickBooks Online Pro homepage tips

You probably have the basics down already, but did you know you can click these 10 QuickBooks Online Pro tips on the homepage and be even more productive?

(1) QuickBooks logo

How is it handy? : One click brings you back to the home page.

(2) Welcome Guide

How is it handy? : Get a step-by-step guide on basic QuickBooks Online tasks.

(3) ‘X’ to the right of the Welcome Guide

How is it handy? : Once you’re comfortable with the basis, delete this section to increase viewable info.

(4) Your company name or logo

How is it handy? : Quick access to update your business name or logo.

(5) Private mode switch

How is it handy? : Hide sensitive financial data from others when in public areas.

(6) Bank or credit card accounts

 How is it handy? : View a list of transactions for that account (subject to Banking Connection)

(7) Any bar in the Income section

How is it handy? : You can view a filtered list of open, overdue, or paid Invoices.

(8)  Activity feed filter

How is it handy? : Allows you to choose what you want to see e.g. only invoices, estimates or expenses etc.

(9) Date range picker in the Expenses or Profit and Loss section

How is it handy? : You can choose a date range that’s more meaningful for your requirements.

(10) Any slice in the Expenses pie section or bar chart in the Profit and Loss section

How is it handy? : See a transaction report just for the category you have a query on.

The above Quickbooks Online Pro tips will increase your productivity – Work Smarter Not Harder.

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