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Questions on QuickBooks Online Answered

Accountancy Software Questions on QuickBooks Online Answered

Accountancy Software plays such a big role in the day-to-day function of a business, so it is understandable that many bookkeepers and accountants may be reluctant to switch to a new software. Below find the answers to some frequently asked questions [FAQ] from potential Quickbooks Online customers before they made the switch.


Will I lose my data on my current software?

At Accountancy Software we offer migrations or rebuilds of data, meaning we can get the data set up and ready to go on your new Quickbooks Online file. More information on whether a migration or rebuild is for you is found on our previous blog. Prices vary from business to business depending on your file size. If you need a quote, just give us a call and we are happy to help.


How secure is Quickbooks online?

Quickbooks Online has bank level security so no need to worry.


Do I need to upgrade from time to time like with desktop?

No, as Quickbooks Online is cloud based, software automatically upgrades so you are always up to date with the latest version.


Do I need to back up my data regularly?

One of the many great features of Quickbooks Online is that the company data is always automatically backed up, so you do not need to worry about losing any information you have inputted.


Is Quickbooks online difficult to use?

Quickbooks Online is really user friendly. If you or colleges need training to get up to speed with Quickbooks Online software, we offer training with our highly experienced accountant. Rates vary depending on the duration of training needed.


Is there technical support available?

Yes. Intuit supply complimentary support, on your Quickbooks Online account you will be able to access a help button to have your queries answered or if you would like direct support from us at Accountancy Software, we offer paid support.


If you have anymore questions on switching to QuickBooks Online call us on [01] 6120821.





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