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Migrate or Rebuild?

Accountancy Software Migrate or Rebuild

Migrate or Rebuild?

Migrate is when we move all or blocks of historical data into a new cloud package.

Rebuild is when we start again in the cloud by just moving opening balances.

rebuild You can migrate QuickBooks UK desktop data in full to a QuickBooks UK cloud package. Pretty much all QuickBooks desktop customers in Ireland are on the UK version of the software so if they want to move all their historical data, they must move to the UK cloud version.

You cannot migrate in full to the Irish cloud version of QuickBooks. We can with some assistance from Intuit move the current year and one historical year into the Irish cloud version. The time and cost for this is variable. It is quite difficult to move partial data and requires a lot of oversight to make sure it works.

A rebuild is when, usually at year end, we move balances only into new cloud software. So Debtors/Creditors and Product lists including balances are imported into the new file. Also, a year end Trial Balance will be input to have the correct balances going forward.

A migration of data does not fix any problems that exist in the desktop data.

Templates/custom fields/memorized reports/transactions do not migrate.

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