QuickBooks Desktop has now gone end-of-life!


Lightspeed POS and QuickBooks Integration

Integrate Lightspeed POS and QuickBooks and harness the combined capabilities of two outstanding solutions. Enhance efficiency, gain deeper insights into your business, and cultivate stronger customer relationships.

Lightspeed Cloud POS System

The only retail platform you’ll ever need. Lightspeed’s X Series has you covered whether you’re just starting or building your empire.

Simplify your inventory management with a sophisticated catalogue that unites all your locations from a single dashboard. 

Put your customers first with integrated loyalty tools and plenty of in-store feature to keep customers smiling. 

The only thing that will make Lightspeed POS into an even bigger superpower for your business is an integration with QuickBooks Online! 

More info on Lightspeed POS through our partners at Positive Retail below. 

QuickBooks Online

Effortlessly manage your business with QuickBooks Online. For the Lightspeed POS integration QuickBooks Online Pro Plus is required. 

The next generation of Cloud Accounting. QuickBooks Online is Intuit’s offering of an online accounting solution. Frequently it has been reviewed as the #1 cloud based accounting software due to its customisable features and ease of use.
Create Estimates, Sales Invoices, Delivery dockets, Pay bills and many more common transactions. Link to your bank for easy bank reconciliation and analysis. Manage customers and suppliers with intuitive Debtors and Creditors sections.

Lightspeed POS & QuickBooks Online Integration

Integrating QuickBooks Online with Lightspeed POS is the easiest way to take your business to the next level. Automate your accounting and bookkeeping processes with Quickbooks, gain valuable insights into your sales & streamline your business. 

  • End of Day: Automatically sync daily sales and payment, and invoices to QuickBooks Online, ready for bank reconciliation
  • Track Store Credit: Send outstanding store credit liabilities to QuickBooks Online and keep them up to date as new payments are made.
  • Gift Cards: Loyalty and gift card transactions posted to QuickBooks Online with register closures for easier management
  • Analyse Sales: Lightspeed POS integrated with QuickBooks will automatically push register closures to QuickBooks Online, allowing you to analyze sales by product type

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Questions about integrating QuickBooks Online and Lightspeed POS? Contact Positive Retail for customised onboarding and consultation, personalised training plans and Irish retail technology support. 

Accountancy software will help you get your team up to speed with all things QuickBooks Online in tailored training sessions with an Irish ProAdvisor and accountant.